Exploring the Website FAQ

I clicked Inventory and there are many units. Now what?

After choosing the class of RV you are interested in you can narrow your search by selecting a brand, weight or flooplan. It works instantaneously. No waiting while it searches. You can narrow it down as finely as you want.

My tow vehicle will only pull so much. How can I find lightweight campers?

As you narrow down your search you can choose the maximum weight of the campers that you want to see. For example, if you choose "under 4500 lbs.", all campers with a dry weight of more than 4500 lbs. will be eliminated from your results. The exact dry weight of each individual camper is shown on the "Details" page. Be aware that any fluids or gear that you plan to load into the camper must be taken into account. Please note that in rare cases where we do not know the dry weight of a used camper, that unit will not appear in any weight search except "Any". For a discussion of RV weight terminology, please go to Sales FAQ

A "Similar Floorplans" link sometimes appears under floorplan pictures. What is that?

We have several different brands of campers. Popular floorplans are often made by more than one manufacturer. The "Similar Floorplans" link will guide you to other campers in our inventory that are similar. It will often be a different brand but sometimes it will be the same brand but a different interior color. Or the same model, both new and used.

How can I flag units I am interested in for later reference?

On a laptop computer -- If you want to put several campers' specs and pictures side-by-side so you can easily compare them, click the "Compare" button. You will be guided through the simple process. You can compare a maximum of 4 units at a time. If you have already selected 4 and want to add another one, you must delete one of the original 4.

On a mobile device -- To save a unit for future comparison click "Add to Favorites" on the unit details page. The unit will be saved in a "Favorites" file until you remove it. Your Favorites can be viewed at any time from the inventory menu.

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