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Camp-Land's Service Department is prepared to serve you promptly in our 16 bay RV Service Center. Camp-Land RV is a motorhome chassis service center, as well as a warranty service center for most RV refrigerators and RV furnaces. Our RV BODY SHOP can handle major collision repairs in both fiberglass and aluminum construction, as well as major or minor RV roof repairs.

Preventative Maintenance Reminders

  1. Wheel Bearing Repack (annual)
  2. Clean & Test Appliances (annual)
  3. Check & Adjust Brakes (annual)
  4. LP Gas System Leak Test (every 6 mo.)
  5. Generator Test & Oil Change (annual or 150 hrs.)
  6. Drive Line Inspection (annual)
  7. Check Roof & Window Seams (every 6 mo.)
  8. Change Transmission Fluid & Filter (every 30k miles)
  9. Rotate Tires (6k -9k miles)
  10. Inspect, clean and service refrigerator (annual)(may be required to preserve warranty coverage)


We do Major RV Body Repair

You may have a minor dent that needs repair or have major collision damage that requires re-skinning or replacement of an entire sidewall. We have the facilities and experienced body repair technicians to handle the job. Hail damage is another problem that sometimes strikes owners of aluminum skin travel trailers and fifth wheels. We have years of experience replacing small sections of metal and entire side and end walls. Click for more pictures. No repair job is too small or too big.

Re-skinning of Aluminum Trailers, hail damage

Our factory trained technicians are also expert at repair of laminated fiberglass RV walls and endcaps. Many times damage extends through the skin into the wall structure and interior cabinetry. Our experts are experienced at taking care of that, too. Camp-Land RV's promise is to make these repairs so that your damaged RV will be "like new". RV owners who have experienced our body work recommend us to their friends They often insist that their insurance companies allow us to do their body repair. We work with many insurance companies and adjusters. They like for Camp-Land RV to do work for their clients because they have found that owners are pleased with the final result.

RV Roof Repair & Water Damage

Unfortunately, rainwater damage is an all-too-frequent problem for RV owners. The best solution for this problem is to prevent it in the first place. Regular inspection and maintenance of the roof and seam caulking is a must. Your owner's manual should give the manufacturer's recommendations on this. Our RVDA Certified technicians will be happy to perform this service for you, if you wish.

RV Roof leak repair, replacement.  Rubber roofs.

For older RVs or when you suspect a potential problem (or worse yet, when you see water dripping inside after a rain) it is time for a professional leak test. "Seal Tech" patented leak detection system pressurizes the RV slightly so potential leaks will make soap bubbles where they occur at seams, corners, around vents and windows, etc. This can often detect leaks before any interior damage occurs. Click here for Seal-Tech details. The cost is minimal, considering the high cost of interior damage to paneling and the ceiling structure. In cases where water is already dripping inside, "Seal Tech" is valuable to track down the source of the leak. Water often travels great distances inside the ceiling and drips in far from the source. It's much better to know the source than to try to guess at it. If a leak has gone undetected over winter or for some other reason has already damaged interior paneling, all is not lost. We can replace paneling so it will look like new. Even rotting of structural members or delaminating of fiberglass sidewalls can be rebuilt. These kinds of repairs can be costly so it is best to prevent them if you can.

In some cases of roof damage, it is necessary to completely replace the roof material. We have experience replacing rubber roofs and also covering over an old deteriorated roof with new rubber roofing.

Rv Appliance repair, refrigerators, furnaces, etc.


Camp-Land RV's RVDA Certified Technicians are trained in repair of all major brands of RV appliances. Gas electric refrigerators, RV furnaces, RV air conditioners, RV toilets, ranges. We carry a large inventory of appliance repair parts. We also troubleshoot and repair plumbing, LP gas systems, and both 12v & 110v electrical systems.



Motorhome maintenance, heavy duty vehicle lifts

Motorhome oil changes, motorhome wheel alignment, travel trailer and motorhome brake service, periodic exterior seam inspection & sealing, repacking wheel bearings, furnace cleaning & safety inspection, LP system safety testing …. And much more.



We install roof air conditioners, all kinds of RV appliances, trailer hitches, fifth wheel hitches, brake controllers and wiring, RV awnings, TV antennas, GPS systems and many other RV items.


As a Camp Land RV customer, you receive a PRIORITY SERVICE CARD at the time of purchase. This means that you will be somewhere near the head of the line for any needed service work during the busy spring and summer months, when everyone needs their repair job to be done as quickly as possible.

Priority service for those who bought their RV at Camp-Land.

We urge new owners to get any needed service work done in the fall and early winter to avoid having the camper tied up during the camping season. In the spring there may be several days wait for an appointment even with the Priority Card. It is especially important to have warranty work done in the fall instead of waiting till Spring because of expiration dates.


Sometimes a visit to the repair shop can be avoided by learning more about the operation of your RV. If you need technical advice regarding the operation or troubleshooting of your RV, there are several RV blogs and forums that you may find helpful. You may want to visit some of these sites.


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